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Tili Car is a trusted car dealership of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Serving our community with used, certified cars that meet expectation and budget, we pride in the business of our auto services. Used cars, minivans, trucks, pickups, SUVs and more, we have the type you have in mind.

All our vehicles are inspected and majority of the time, they come with a warranty and service extension contract. We deal our finances with local, renowned banks and lending institutions here in Connecticut.

Tili Car operates with state-of-the-art auto equipment backed by a team of well-trained mechanics and technicians in handling all kinds of service repair. Before your car gets out of our garage, we always make it look up-to-date and built for the road.

Problems with your credit? We’ll review your credit score, work out the troubles, and make sure you get your running wheels in no time. We offer the most cost-friendly automobile rates in Connecticut!

Call 203-873-0288 today and get a quote. Your easily-purchasable vehicle at Tili Car is guaranteed to looking like new!